What Would You Like To Offload?


What Would You Like To Offload? 

In this video, I will be discussing a couple of approaches regarding handling tasks at work that you do not miss, like or enjoy that you would  like to offload. These things tend to be Energy Drainers…Stressors!  I will give you a couple of personal examples of this type of tthing in my life. If offloading or fixing is not possible solution, we will introcude what you will need to consider to deal with to resolve this matter.

Question #2 Script: What Do I need To Offload?


Well hello! Murray Comber with you. Another career chat.

A couple of videos ago I showed you an overview of three important career questions. Last video we went deeper into the first which was,

‘What are things you miss about your career in isolation, and what would you like to keep or perhaps get better in?’

Today it’s the opposite of that.

‘What are the things in your career that you do not miss and would like to offload?’

Because the things you want to offload, you usually don’t do well, and they became energy drainers for you.

There are only a couple of things you have to discuss. The first question you have to ask yourself is…

  • Can I offload it?
  • If I can offload it…
  • How do I do that
  • Who was the person that I could offload it to? The other thing is that…
  • What would the approval process for changing that job description be?

Important questions. But if that shuts down, then the other thing you have to consider is…

If I can’t offload it, how I’m going to solve the issue?

  • Do I need a different approach?
  • Where do I learn a different approach?
  • Where do I need to learn what those approaches are?
  • Maybe the answer for you would be in technology, and that could ease up your load for you.

But if you can’t do either of those then you’re still going to be left with these energy drainers that are going to be frustrating you in your job.

Let me give you a couple of personal examples.

First of all, I Do Not Like Marketing Typically

I don’t mind it ‘one on one’, but you know it’s a little more difficult whether it be online or offline to do it to the masses of people. That’s a stressor for me. And therefore, I’m probably either going to have to learn to do it or I’m going to have to find somebody to do it for me.

Here’s Another One…Bookkeeping

No, I’m not an accountant. Since the computer has come out with software that can help with the financials, I have learned to do that. But years ago, when I had to do ledger and hard copy, it was a stressor, it was an energy drainer for me. But technology has made it quite a joy.

Now if you can’t find somebody to offload it to and you can’t find a solution to your problem, then that means…

  • Within your company there’s no movement, there’s nothing within.
  • You have to make the change without.
  • You have to go outside of your company within yourself to figure out what you’re going to do.

And that is going to be what the next question is about.

‘Do you need to consider some kind of a shift in your career?’

So, look for that video in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, if you would like to talk, reach out to me through this media. Perhaps we can work together.

You have a wonderful day.

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