Quick Start

The Quick Start Program

What is it?

Quick Start is an Online or Local (ie. in-person) entry level Career Exploration Program that examines your career goals (because, as you will learn, this program is in real time with me, either in person or on Skype). I can also address the Leadership & Team components, though I do use the word ‘Career’ a lot. The three words (leadership, team, and career) are separate words, but are really ‘One’ in relation to the programs offered.

  • If you are from a distance, we can do a One-to-One, Face-to-Face session on Skype – this gives us the opportunity to talk to one another as if we were in an office, and it also allows me to share my screen to walk you through my PowerPoint presentation. I’ve done this for people who are located as far away as Indonesia
  • If you are within driving distance to Stratford, Ontario, Canada, then we can meet in person and go through the exact same process in person

You may have seen on this website a page called Career Management System (CMS), a Premium $6000 (USD) program that requires time to process, therefore takes several months to complete. You can learn more about that by clicking here or using the Other Programs menu at the top of this page.

However, I only mention the Career Management System (CMS) because:

  • The Quick Start program focuses on the first step of the CMS and,
  • The Quick Start Plus program focuses on the first two steps of the CMS


Quick Start

Quick Start begins your Career Journey by exploring the Four Predictable Patterns of Human Behaviour and how those behaviours influence your World of Work. It’s the Outside World of Behaviours that point to your Inner Self; the part of you that is subconsciously looking to be satisfied. The program I use is called Personality Dimensions ®.

The Key takeaways are:

  • Understanding your Core Need, those things that make you tick to determine if those needs are being met
  • Understanding your Interaction Style and how yours aligns or contrasts with those you work with
  • Understanding your Preferred Work Environment so you can position yourself to be in that ‘space’, which isn’t necessarily an external physical place, but often a social surrounding based on something more internal
  • Understanding your Stress Responses when life is out of sync, something you would be aware of if your World of Work is creating some level of dissatisfaction

The personal insights that you will learn in the Quick Start program have the potential to stagger you. I only say that because of the feedback I have received from those who go through it. It can answer many unanswered questions in so many areas of your life – not only in the area of Work but Life in general.

I’ve had people who, after going through the Quick Start program, have been able to realign their career – sometimes where they were currently working, and sometimes knowing that a career shift was necessary.


Quick Start Plus

Once you have completed the Quick Start program, Quick Start Plus continues your Career Journey and explores how you are hard-wired from the opposite direction of Quick Start. Quick Start looks at things from the Outside pointing Inwards. Quick Start Plus looks at things from the Inside Pointing Outward. It introduces you to Internal Functions that cause you to do what you do. Those functions show you:

  • How you actually gather your information (Concrete or Abstract) and,
  • How you make your decisions (Logic or Values)

It also shows you two different attitudes that influence those functions. They show you:

  • Where you get your Energy and Direct your Focus (Internally or Externally), and,
  • How you Organize Your World (Structured or Spontaneous)

The program I use is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ®


The beauty of doing these programs together is what it shows us about ourselves. Though they flow in opposite directions, it identifies if these two key areas of your inner self are in-sync or at-odds with one another. Two things:

  • Not working in harmony will create issues in your World of Work
  • One of the two, but especially the Behavioural aspect can be shifted by circumstances, or a dominant person in your life

On a Personal Note

I went through a career shift about 20 years ago. At the time, I was stopped in my tracks and I didn’t understand what was going on in my life. My world was falling apart at so many levels. Then, I had the opportunity to have career counselling. During the process I did both of the above assessments; the same ones I will use with you. Having the results of both explained to me helped to identify what was happening. I learned that these two worlds within me were at odds. They were not supporting one another, resulting in a major career dilemma. Once I grasped my issues, I was able to deal with them, one at a time. Confidence was rebuilt. A different path opened up, but only when deep inside, I finally got it. It didn’t happen overnight. There were many aspects of life that I had to realign. It needed time. Some to heal, some to grow. But I did it! It is this knowledge and the range of emotions affiliated with my career shift that gives strength to my personal story. This will help me, help you. Why and How? I’ve been there.

How The Programs Work

These two programs can be purchased individually (one and then the other), OR you can purchase them as a package and save some money. Personality Dimensions will take up to 8 hours to go through. The Myers Briggs assessment, and combining the two into an integrated system, will take another 4 hours.

The benefits of these programs is that, not only will you receive high quality of the content, but you will also get the personal time I invest in each person. In order to give quality time to each client, I only take on a maximum of six participants at a time.

Because I limit the number of people I work with on an on-going basis, you will be required to submit an application form which I will review personally, and then we will set up a preliminary 30-minute Skype call. If we agree to move forward with the Quick Start Program after this call, you will take the next steps: Payment and Scheduling a time to begin.

Once again, note that these are the first two components of the Career Management System. After these two, there are five more modules.


The Costs

  • Quick Start >> $997 (USD)
  • Quick Start Plus >> $997 (USD)
  • Combined >> $1747 (USD) (a 15% Discount)

Quick Start uses the Personality Dimensions ®  program and includes the Online Assessment, a Workbook and two Handouts.

Quick Start Plus uses the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ®  program and includes an assessment administered directly by me as part of the learning process, as well as several worksheets, the necessary handouts and book recommendations.

Quick Start implies a rapid process however, the Quick is relative to the Career Management System. This program requires time to process between lessons, therefore, there will be exercises to do to help you get the most out of the time we spend together. You can expect a minimum of 6 weeks to complete both modules, though it could be longer.


If you are interested in the Quick Start Program followed by the Quick Start Plus Program (purchased separately), or if you’d like to buy both together
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