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As a Realtor, it’s important for me to know how to communicate well with the diverse range of my client’s personalities. As a Team Leader of a group of Realtors, I think it’s even more important that I am able to understand what makes everyone on my team tick and then help them to achieve their goals while respecting their unique personality. Not everyone who does what I do has my personality, and there is more than one way to achieve the same type of results. After speaking at length with Murray, I knew that he had the necessary skills to help me and my team sort out our strengths and weaknesses, and to help us work together in a way that is productive for everyone. So, I booked Murray to come to our team office for an intense (and fun) day of learning. I have attended many events that have touched on “personalities” and “temperaments” put on by other people in the past. I can’t say that the other events weren’t helpful at all, but they were mostly fluff. The time Murray spent with my group was above and beyond anything I have ever experienced and it hit home on a much deeper level. I not only learned more about myself, but I feel like I learned more about my team members. Murray had a great way of helping everyone to not just relate what we had learned to our own personality, but to relate it directly to our business. There is no doubt that this is going to have a lasting impact on me and my team. I cannot recommend Murray Comber more highly. His knowledge, experience and insight is outstanding.

Julie D. Martin

Century 21 Real Estate Broker & Team Leader of "The Red Carpet Crew", Century 21 Heritage House Ltd. - Kitchener, Ontario

It seemed all of the plans I was making for our extended management team workshop were falling apart a mere two weeks before my workshop. Reserved facilities were not suitable; participants were beginning to resent the full day workshop as deadlines loomed; and my contracted facilitator needed to withdraw due to personal issues. Yikes! Enter Murray Comber. Murray not only came in at the last minute, but he delivered one of the most interactive sessions we have had in quite some time. Through the Personality Dimensions model, Murray helped me design a half day session that enabled each participant better understand him or herself and better appreciate others in the group. Murray connected with us almost instantly creating an environment of trust which resulted in open and honest dialogue, and a whole lot of laughter. My Director General was so pleased with the workshop, she is keen on having Murray back for a ‘part two’.

Anna Bélanger

Senior Advisor to the CIO, Natural Resources Canada - Ottawa, Ontario

Murray Comber has presented workshops to both government and not-for-profit institutions that I am a part of and each time his work produced positive, tangible results: my colleagues came know each other better, and to appreciate their own personality and how it affects how they act and communicate with fellow colleagues. The dynamic that Murray’s seminars create becomes a real point of reference for office communication and future teamwork. I cannot recommend Murray highly enough.

Dr. Don Buckingham

Chairperson, Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal - Ottawa, Ontario

Did you ever want to achieve your goals, faster and without aggravation, to improve relations and to better understand people? Did you need to better communicate with clients, staff, or managers? While in negotiations, did you feel you didn’t grasp your opponent thinking? To answer all these needs, here comes a useful tool called ‘Personality Dimensions’ taught by Mr. Comber. After attending this workshop, you will be in the position, not only to adjust your own perspective, but to propose solutions which will be easily acceptable by the other party.

Mr. Comber’s workshop is designed to provide you with the strategies, tools, and tips to understand your own Pattern of Human Dynamic as well as others’ around you, to become more effective during decision time. The workshop is sprinkled with practical hands-on activity-based learning exercises on Human Dynamics, by promoting the “Profile Behavioural Colours” tool.

During this workshop, you will learn about the four Patterns of Human Dynamic which define personalities, How Introversion and Extroversion impact those patterns and ways to apply this knowledge to your strategies, in order to strengthen your leadership for individual success, as well as for that of your organization.

The workshop will help you adapt your communication skills to individuals within your team, to achieve goals and reduce (or eliminate) conflict management, simply by assessing the personalities of the people you deal with, and then adapting your strategies to their ‘colours’.

By The End of the Workshop You Will Be Able To:

  • Describe and understand the four ‘Patterns of Human Dynamic’
  • Identify strategies to communicate more effectively, with greater confidence in various work and life situations
  • Build rapport more quickly with others while avoiding unnecessary relationship stresses and frustrations
  • Assert yourself, persuade, overcome objections, resolve conflict and negotiate
  • Actively listen to others to exhibit respect and to ensure understanding
  • Use the ‘Personality Colours’ tools to understand your own human action style and develop strategies for communicating with other ‘Personality Colours’

I highly recommend the course.

Andrei Klappholz

Health Canada - Ottawa, Ontario

Having worked with Murray on Career Assessment during transition, it was important for me to focus on what makes me successful and what pitfalls I must watch out for. Mr. Comber counseled me on my character traits, employment experiences and how was I going to put the two together for my next opportunity. He did this with a strong professional conviction and with his extensive experience of understanding people; his ability to apply the appropriate administrative tools and his ability to challenge me as to “Who I am” allowed me to focus on what I must do to achieve my goals.

Working with Murray will be one of the most important steps in developing your career, feeling more confident about who you are and most importantly, allowing you to see your future with clarity.

As a result of this experience, I am in the process of bringing Murray into my current company and run a full program on Communication for our Senior Management and Management Team.

Dean Powell C.R.S.P.

Human Resources Professional, Trenton, Ontario

Our organization wanted to provide our staff with an opportunity for self-improvement and education that did not specifically relate to our insurance industry. It was an investment in our ‘people’; Life Concepts was just the ticket.

We are working with people every day and often under stressful conditions. The daylong seminar helped everyone to understand the various complexities of each of our personalities. It now seems we all have more patience with co-workers and understand why they behave in such strange ways. The seminar truly helped us to understand “what makes us tick and what makes us ticked”. It has helped us to achieve good office morale and the staff really appreciated the investment. Some have even mentioned their family dynamics are clearer. It was an added bonus that the seminar qualified for our industry mandatory education credits. Our management team has taken further steps with Life Concepts to help with our long-term planning and organizational structure.

I would strongly recommend Life Concepts and Murray Comber to any organization in any industry.

Gord Crothers

Insurance Professional, Kingston, Ontario

Murray’s Personality Dimensions Workshop did wonders to help me understand how I’m wired, and I can now better relate to my family, friends, and co-workers, as well as myself! I also have a better understanding of what my strengths and weaknesses are, and how to work with them.

In my opinion, everyone should attend this workshop! You’ll learn things you never consciously realized about yourself, and will be better equipped to deal with life – both at home, with friends, and on the job!

Murray is a great facilitator, and he infuses the workshop with energy as well as his sense of humour and wit. I can’t wait to attend another Life Concepts Workshop!

Ursula Comeau

Senior Technical Trainer & Web Designer, Arnprior, Ontario

With the assistance of Life Concepts, our team embarked on a journey of self-discovery as well as what motivates each of us. By the end of the day, we all had a much better understanding of the team’s dynamics. We are now better equipped to deal with human conflict, have a greater respect for each other’s perspectives as well as how we approach our work.

Diane Cyr

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada - Ottawa, Ontario