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I help people proactively develop their career, as well as businesses to improve the way leaders effectively lead, and teams cooperatively engage so that their ‘World of Work’ progresses towards a positive & fulfilling experience.

Focusing on Your World of Work

Regardless of how you earn your income, typically most work scenarios are made up of 3 main components. They are:


At the end of the day, are you content with how you actually make a living by doing what you do?

Leadership: This is the person or people in charge. Is there respect? Is there trust and integrity? Is following them a pleasure?

Team: This is the group of people you directly or indirectly work with. They are most effective when they function as a cohesive unit. Is each person carrying his/her part of the load? Do they have each others’ well-being in mind?

Hello! I’m
Murray Comber,

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The triangle below is a visual of how these 3 components are a Trinity or Tri-Unity…
3 distinct pieces that come together to make up your single World of Work.


Key Truth:

If any one of these 3 is off,
there will be a
direct negative impact
on the other 2.


Let Me Flesh This Out In A Simple Way

  • If your Leadership is not leading well, this will influence the performance of your Team and subsequently, your Career will be affected
  • If there are relational issues on your Team, your Career will struggle and Leadership will not be respected
  • If you’re struggling with your Career (what you actually do for a living), you will be unsettled, even if your have a fabulous Leader & a great Team


None of These is a Singular Self Serving Entity…

  • They aren’t independent, they are inter-dependent
  • Each one depends on the healthy function of the other two


Does This Make Sense To You?

If you say Yes, then perhaps you’ve already been asking this last important question…


Murray, What Can I Do About It?

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