Certification From the Comfort of Your Home or Office

Personality Dimensions Level 1 Certification

Online Personality Dimensions Level 1 Certification

Group & One-on-One

An Extremely Flexible Online Training Option When Time is an Issue

NOTE: This is NOT a Consecutive 3 Day Program but done over Several Weeks
The First 3.5 to 4 hours is a ‘Live Zoom Event’
that walks you through a complete Awareness Session which the rest of the course is based on. Followed by
14  Prerecorded Videos to cover the 12 Modules that you can watch on ‘YOUR’ time
Throughout the program after completing several modules there are
45 – 60 minute Zoom Debriefing Sessions to answer any questions.

Plus the Value Added Program

Once the PD Level 1 course is complete I offer you at no extra charge my Value Added Program.
This program takes you deeper into the  study opening up new ways of using it.

A Personal ‘Train the Trainer’ event presented by Murray Comber

Thank You for your interest in becoming a Certified Personality Dimensions® Level 1 Facilitator!

About Personality Dimensions:

Since its publication in 2003, over 1,000,000 people world-wide have experienced a Personality Dimensions® workshop. Personality Dimensions® is an exceptional tool to use with intact teams, new teams, teams undergoing change, couples groups, parents and families, and other diverse groups. It is an excellent model for topics such as effective communication, conflict resolution, leadership development, change management, sales and marketing, customer service and career planning. It is a valuable asset for any trainer to add to his or her toolkit.

Personality Dimensions® is a “B” level psychological instrument. To maintain its integrity and professionalism, a specific level of training is required to administer the tool. This course provides all the requirements to become certified in the delivery of this psychological tool and model.

Your Facilitator:

Murray Comber

• Experienced Level 2 Personality Dimensions Facilitator

• Almost 20 years of experience

• Approximately 8,000 people trained in Level 1 events

• I’ve trained about 150 Level 1 Facilitators

• Explore this website to learn more about Murray and what he does

Personality Dimensions is an Internationally used Assessment in the Level B category, meaning it has passed the Level B Standard of Validity proving internal consistency and is therefore, credible.


FIRST OF ALL, an IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST have adequate internet speed & bandwidth to do this course, enough to watch online videos and stream video conferencing on Zoom. There will be a lot of real time screen sharing my PowerPoint presentations.

Participants will need a minimum of 21 Hours of Online Learning

  • Some of this time will be on Zoom with Murray at a time WE AGREE upon
  • Other times you will be watching pre-recorded videos on YOUR TIME to fit into your schedule


During these personal & joint sessions you will learn:

  • an in-depth knowledge of the background, research and development of the tool
  • an understanding of the ethical considerations for using the model appropriately
  • the importance of each component of the assessment and the delivery model


Participants can expect the following:

  • Walked through a compete Awareness Session Workshop, a PowerPoint Presentation
  • The opportunity to ask about and discuss any aspect of the workshop that are your strengths as well as your weaker aspects
  • Learn the one main skill that will take your training event to another level that leaves your attendees in awe
  • Practical skills and knowledge of adult learning for facilitators
  • Conduct introductory workshops that are entertaining and informative
  • Learn how to use Personality Dimensions® to supplement or enhance the coaching and training methods you currently use
  • Be introduced to the various Personality Dimensions® products available and their appropriate use. These Application products can broaden the scope of your reach and open up new training opportunities for you
  • Based on his almost 20 years of experience, Murray will do everything possible to take months, even years off your post event learning curve to make your events successful and faster
  • For those who need extra support, more time can be purchased both before and after your first few training events to build on your positives and help you with any challenges; this can be a real confidence builder for people relatively new to group training

Certified Facilitators may purchase training and related materials from Career/LifeSkills Resources or an authorized Personality Dimensions® distributor at a 20% discount. They may promote themselves as Certified Facilitators both inside and outside their organizations, organize and conduct Introductory and Application Workshops, and charge for their services.


Do you have a group of people interested in On-Site Level 1 Certification Training?



21 Hours needed for Certification made up of Live Sessions, Video Modules, Zoom Debriefing Sessions and Personal Study

An Exam:

The exam is open book and is designed to help you to know where to find the answers to any questions you have regarding all aspects of this tool. Pass is 80% (I have never had anyone fail)


Your Kit Contains (mailed to you):

  • Your Online PD Assessment
  • A colourful ‘PD in Action’ Handout
  • A USB with the Building Blocks/Workshop Guide, the PowerPoint Presentation and Workshop Handouts
  • The PD Manual: Research & Validation and other deeper insights into Personality Dimensions
  • ‘Colour Savvy: Helping Your Achieve Success in The Workplace’ by Susan Geary & Anne Bulstrode
  • A Participant Pack
  • One complete set of Personality Dimensions Cards
  • A PD Branded Messenger Bag
  • Your Level 1 Training Certification Certificate with no Annual Fee (Sent directly to you from Career Life/Skills Resources)
  • A discount on all the supplies you purchase
  • A larger discount on your first order of supplies immediately after the training


NOTE: Once certified, you will get your own personal Personality Dimensions online portal. It manages the invitations for your participants to take one of the several types of Personality Dimensions Assessments, as well as and paying for & downloading your attendees’ results. Part of the 21 hours worth of training will take you on a tour of how to use this online site.

Value Added Program

Having been training since January 2001, I have learned a lot over the years. Progressively what I offer has become both stronger and better. There was a learning curve to it. The Value Added program is my way of helping you cut down your learning curve. It is my desire to help you offer a stronger program out of the gate. The following covers the nine pre-recorded video modules you can watch on your own time. Like the Certification Program, there will also be Zoom Call Debriefings…one for sure, perhaps two determined by the participants. Here is the outline.

  • Module 1      Introduction
  • Module 2      Understanding your PD Online Back Office
  • Module 3     Overview of Available Assessments on your PD Site
  • Module 4     Age & Stage Development
  • Module 5     How You Use Each of the Four Colours
  • Module 6     The Johari Window: Insights into Awareness and Team
  • Module 7     The Circle That Brings it All Together
  • Module 8     Walking You Through YOUR Career Sweet Spot
  • Module 9     Creating a Philosphy of Life Statement


For One Person:

Approximately $1600 Cdn (Pending some factors listed below)

For a Group:

Price decreases from the training ‘For One Person’  amount based on how many are being trained. It can go below $1000 CDN (Training 8 costs less than 4. Contact Murray for more details)


The cost depends several factors, including:

  • The cost of The Kit itself (described above) plus what ever the shipping fee is to get it to you
  • Where you live. In Canada, the fee will be in Canadian Dollars plus appropriate taxes. If outside of Canada, the amount will be converted to US dollars
  • Prices quoted are when paid by email transfer. Other payment methods will be marginally higher. Payments such as Credit Card will be via the Square pay processor in Canada; for International trainees, the Stripe Pay Processor will be used paid in US dollars. Price depends on US dollar value relative to Canada’s dollar value
  • If you work in an organization where more than one person can be trained, the training cost will decrease based on how many participants attend
  • The price for one person is higher because during the same amount of time, I am working with you personally and not with many people who each pay a group price at time of purchase.


The cost will also be dependent upon the following 3 methods of getting certified:

  • The Full Training Program
    • Starting from the Very Beginning
  • Bridging Sessions
    • For people with a certification in a recognized type or temperament instrument such as MBTI or True Colors, and proof of qualification is required. The program is usually 6 to 8 hours
  • A Refresher
    • You’ve been certified but dormant, forgotten some things and need to be updated

 We can discuss the specific cost for you specifically and work out the details – just contact me below! 


CONTACT MURRAY for more information!