Train the Trainer

Personality Dimensions Level 1 Certification

Personality Dimensions Level 1 Certification

A ‘Train the Trainer’ event presented by Murray Comber

Thank You for your interest in becoming a Certified Personality Dimensions® Level 1 Facilitator!

About Personality Dimensions:

Since its publication in 2003, over 1,000,000 people world-wide have experienced a Personality Dimensions® workshop. Personality Dimensions® is an exceptional tool to use with intact teams, new teams, teams undergoing change, couples groups, parents and families, and other diverse groups. It is an excellent model for topics such as effective communication, conflict resolution, leadership development, change management, sales and marketing, customer service and career planning. It is a valuable asset for any trainer to add to his or her toolkit.

Personality Dimensions® is a “B” level psychological instrument. To maintain its integrity and professionalism, a specific level of training is required to administer the tool. This course provides all the requirements to become certified in the delivery of this psychological tool and model.

Your Facilitator:

Murray Comber

• Experienced Level 2 Personality Dimensions Facilitator

• 18 years of experience

• About 8000 people trained in Level 1 events

• I’ve trained about 150 Level 1 Facilitators

• Explore this website to learn more about Murray


During this 3-day program participants will learn:

  • an in-depth knowledge of the background, research and development of the tool
  • an understanding of the ethical considerations for using the model appropriately
  • the importance of each component of the assessment and the delivery model

By Experiencing a facilitated session, the hands-on and interactive learning, participants will:

  • Participate in activities typically used in a workshop
  • Learn practical skills and knowledge of adult learning for facilitators
  • Learn how to conduct introductory workshops that are entertaining and informative
  • Practice how to develop and deliver suitable application workshops on a variety of topics
  • Learn how to use Personality Dimensions® to supplement or enhance the coaching and training methods you currently use
  • Learn about the various Personality Dimensions® products available and their appropriate use

Participants must successfully complete the 3-day training session and pass the qualification exam to become a Certified Personality Dimensions® Facilitator and should anticipate some homework on the first and second evenings of the program.

Certified Facilitators may purchase training and related materials from Career/LifeSkills Resources or an authorized Personality Dimensions® distributor at a 20% discount. They may promote themselves as Certified Facilitators both inside and outside their organizations, organize and conduct Introductory and Application Workshops, and charge for their services.


Interested in group or one-on-one certification training from the comfort of your home or office?


Requirements for Group Sessions:


21 Hours of Class Time

(7 hours x 3 days)

An Exam:

The exam is open book and is designed to help you to know where to find the answers to any questions you have regarding all aspects of this tool. Pass is 80% (I have never had anyone fail)


Your Kit Contains:

  • Your Online PD Assessment
  • PD Manual with Handouts USB
  • Workshop Guide with PowerPoint Workshop USB
  • ‘Colour Savvy: Helping Your Achieve Success in The Workplace’ by Susan Geary & Anne Bulstrode
  • A Participation Pack
  • One complete set of Personality Dimensions Cards
  • Your Level 1 Training Certification Certificate with no Annual Fee (Sent directly to you from Career Life Skills Resources)
  • A Discount on all the supplies your purchase
  • A larger discount on your first order of supplies immediately after the training


The cost depends several factors including:

  • Number of people attending (reach out to your network to bring others on board)
  • Cost of training facility
  • Food Costs
  • If enough people are in any given city, or within driving distance cost factors such as travel, accommodation and meal expenses can be minimized
  • If your organization can provide a training room for numbers of people, that can be used to offset costs


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