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Online: Using programs such as Skype, effective Face to Face communication is possible. Skype’s screen-share feature allows you to experience PowerPoint presentations and other documents.

Local: If you are in or within reasonable driving distance to Stratford, Ontario, meeting in person is also an option.

Please message me through my Contact Page indicating which of the two you prefer. Make sure you include your best contact information and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

For Local Workshop Events:

All You Need to Know About a Typical 7-hour Training Event

The Need

Leaders need to engage with those they lead. The need to understand both one’s own Leadership Style and the Leadership Style of others is essential to that engagement.

Teams need to come together as a single unit at two levels. (1) In your similarities [Unity) and (ii) in your diversity [Accord].

Career is the third piece of the equation. If any one of the three are ‘off’, the other two can be severely affected.

ROI and the Bottom Line: In conversation with an employee of the Canada Revenue Agency, the inability of Leaders and Teams to work as a unit is costing the taxpayer multi-millions of dollars in lost time as well as uncompleted and dropped projects. This is by far the biggest drain of money in the Canadian economy. If so with the Government, the same is probably true in your Company or Organization.


The Outcomes

Each Person will:

  • Learn about the 6 Behavioural Clusters intrinsic within any organization, as well as understand the top two that, when not used positively, can collapse any company or organization
  • Learn what makes ‘you’ tick
  • Learn what makes other people tick
  • Understand basic Leadership Styles based on Patterns of Human Dynamics
  • Get a handle on how to maximize “The Team”
  • Get insights into Primary Motivational Drivers, Values, Natural Abilities, Typical Behaviours and Stressors
  • Understand where you get your Energy and how you Direct your Focus (Internally or Externally)
  • Learn how Extroversion and Introversion (E/I) interface with the Four Patterns of Human Dynamics
  • Learn how all four patterns evolve over four stages of life (Age & Stage Development)
  • Harness the energy of your Career Sweet Spot
  • If there is enough time, create a Philosophical Approach to Life, the way you deal all life matters

The training isn’t just about understanding people. Every organization has a personality, a temperament perspective based on what it does and how it does it. Merging both the corporate and personal Patterns of Human Dynamics will maximize the potential of both and enhance the motivational component.

All of this is visually presented on a graphic image. Capitalizing on my experience, the high energy interaction, the validity of the content and the ability to show it in a visual format make the day one that will not only be remembered, but based on feedback, used for years to come.


The Process

  • Each participant will do an online assessment accessed via a Self-Registration Link which you will be emailed
  • The assessment, pending the individual is usually completed in 25 to 30 minutes. Shorter response times tend to be more accurate as they are not over processed.


The Handouts

You will receive that following

  • Your Score Sheet
  • Your Workshop Workbook
  • A very colourful ‘PD In Action’ Handout that is very thorough in content. Many managers keep this on the shelf to refer to when necessary
  • A 19-page handout that supplements that ‘PD in Action’ handout for further reference.

No note paper will be necessary, but pens will be needed.


If you’re interested in having me come to your company to facilitate an event, click the button below to send me a message (including your phone number) and I will call you or respond to your email.