Do You Have a Career Management System?

A ‘Learned Resource’ that will help you manage your career from the point you learn it, forward

Career Management System

The Career Management System (CMS) is like Google Maps for your Career… only better.

How Does Google Maps Work?

I deliberately compare the Career Management System to the Google Maps Global Positioning System (GPS) because it shows you where you are on a map in real time. When you have a destination and know where you want to end up, you are given the best ans well as some alternative routes to get ther It gives you options. It reads signals from satellites which orbit the earth used by software on your device (Smart Phone) to interpret those signals from your location to a chosen destination. But the one thing Google Maps can’t do is tell where that destination is. It has no idea of where you want to go. You have to tell it. Once told, it takes over from there

How Does the Career Management System Work?

The Career Management Systems  gives to alternative routes to get to a career location. But here is what makes it better. It helps ‘you’ figure out where your destination… your end point could be. In other words, it helps you determine what your next career or job may be. There could be one, or two, perhaps even three choices. Yes, you ‘may’ have options. Once you prioritize your career options, the CMS can help you figure out a path to get there. Like a GPS, It too uses signals, seven in fact which are listed below. Once you receive the signal, you use both your mind and instinct to determine what the preferred career would be. Using those same signals, you then head out on your career shift journey but following the predetermined route.

What is Involved in the CMS Process?

  • This Resource takes a minimum of about 25 hours of consultation
  • Because you need time to think through and process each module, this training will probably take a minimum of 4 months to complete
  • This is a Premium High Ticket Offer
  • You must be approved to enroll – this requires filling out an application and a Skype interview
    • This helps you to get to know me, and confirm we are on the same page and are able to work together
    • I will also answer any questions about the process so there are no surprises

In a Nutshell, the following is covered:

  1. Behaviours that point to your Core Need
  2. Internal Functions that are always at play behind the scenes, the core that points to your behaviours
  3. Interests that really determine your career satisfaction
  4. Anchors that hold your World of Work in Place
  5. Skills that you know and what to use, the ones you want to learn and the ones you know but don’t enjoy
  6. Values, deep inner convictions that factor into the private aspect of your career, and
  7. Career Assets, those things that make you different from others and put you in demand

It is Simple Yet Challenging

In terms of actually doing the above, each of the seven components is not all that difficult. What can be a challenge is the introspection. You have to pull back your personal curtain, look deep inside so you can see yourself for who your really are. Many people have never done this before. Had they, their World of Work could have been more satisfying. This allows you to embrace those great aspects of your character that can be very rewarding. However, you also have to accept the weaker traits of your character that are a challenge. All of us…every single person, has both wonderful as well as weak attributes.

But It Will Be Your Guide During Challenging Times

Note that in today’s World of Work, people will probably have between 5 and 7 careers during their active years of employment. Some of those changes will be a clue that for you, change could be blowing in the wind. Some of those changes will be a direct result of someone making that decision for you, such as companies closing up shop, downsizing, etc.. Sometimes a change will be totally self driven.

A huge benefit of this training, is giving you what you need to be proactive approaches in terms of your career’s future. Do you have what it takes to always be ready for the next career shift/transition. Having a Career Management System gives you an edge and substantially reduces the amount of stress related to a change in career.


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