Five Ways To Enhance Your Career


Five Ways to Enhance your Career

Five ways to enhance your career using actionable processes to take your career to another level. Doing so will have the outcome of you being a better performer in your world of work. Identify the things you do well, and then learn to do them better. Let’s look at the five ways!

Five Ways to Enhance your Career Transcript

 Five Way to Enhance Your Career is part ot the 5 Part Isolation Series.

Well Hello! Murray Comber here for another career chat.

If you saw my last video, I introduced you to three important questions related to your career.

Today we ‘re going to go deeper into the first one which was, “What aspects of your career do you want to keep or perhaps develop?”

If you like it, then you’re best at it, if you’re gifted at it, it energizes you, so why wouldn’t you want to get better at it?

Five Ways to Enhance Your Career. Use these five active words…

  • Choose
  • Decide
  • Consider
  • Join and
  • Research

Choose Some Self-Study

Read some books or e-books• Listen to some podcasts or MP3s, or• Watch some online videos or some DVD’srelated to your career…experts in your field.
But maybe you want to go a little deeper than that You want to…

Decide to take a College or a Night Course

which is far more practical and hands-on. Maybe that’s your learning style and they’ll teach you things that can enhance your career and take it to a new level.
How about the fact that you may want to say, well no I’d…

Consider Digging Deeper

and I want to get more into the Theory of what I do. And if that’s the case, University is for you. Is there one local or nearby? If not, Distance Education could be the thing for you. And if you went that route you could end up with a degree that could really help you in your forward movement in your career.
Maybe you want to learn more about all of this. If that’s the case and want to do some research, then you can…

Join or Subscribe

Associations, Magazines because that’s where experts in the field hang out and write articles and posts that will help you know more about your field at a deeper level; specifically thinking about the Present in your career and the Future of your career and that leads to the fifth point of research.

Research Your Career

Both it’s Present and its Future.

We Live In A Rapidly Changing World. What is in existence in your career now may not be there 3, 5, 8, 10 years down the road. And you know what what’s not happening now maybe there 3, 5, 8, 10 years down the road and you need to know what the emerging trends are to keep you ahead of the game.

So, if you do these five things right answer career enhance your expertise and you never know you might end up becoming.

  • A Mentor in Your Field
  • A Consultant in Your Field…

And that’s a whole other career in itself and it would be in the field that you love.

So, do you have any questions?

  • Reach Out to me.
  • Let’s talk.

Perhaps we can work together. And in the meantime, in the next couple of days we’re going to be going deeper into Question Number Two. Look for it.

Have a wonderful day!

Bye for now.

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