Everybody Needs Career Coaching Somewhere


Everybody Needs Career Coaching Somewhere

When You Read Career Coaching Success Stories it Usually Points to One of Two Things…

  1. The Career Coaching success was in a very narrow field and all that person’s energies were focused on that one area, or
  2. During Career Coaching, the person was surrounded by a team of people that made the broader accomplishment possible.

Even so, a person can be at the top of his/her game in one area and a total washout in another. A typical line I often say during a group or individual session is,

“Everybody is absolutely brilliant somewhere…everybody is an absolute idiot somewhere”.

Human nature wants to put our brilliance on display and conceal our our less fortunate side. Coaching can helps us deal with this nagging internal issue. However, any coaching is not for the weak of heart but for the ‘strong’! It takes strength of character to be able to say, “This is where I am not good…my nemesis…my Achilles heal”. But here is the good news. To be able to say it, own it, and do something about it, already means you possess the earmarks of a winner.

Career Coaching has the ability to objectively identify one’s strengths and weaknesses. It doesn’t just emerge from dialogue, but the use of assessments provide concrete feedback. In other words, assessments give the dialogue direction, They aren’t the magic pill that informs you exactly what you should be doing in your World of Work.  This dialogue based approach is usually very revealing, creating those ‘Ah Ha’ moments. At that moment, more often than not, you are able to validate what you both intuitively and experientially already know. It’s and awesome feeling to get the weight of ‘not knowing’ off your shoulders.

Lets Address a Few Dichotomies to Illustrate the Point.

  • Do you thrive on impulse and spontaneity? Chances are your administrative skills aren’t strong.
  • Is logic your forté? Perhaps you have been told you are not all that compassionate.
  • Are you brilliant with details and micro-management? Then someone may have accused you of not seeing the ‘big picture’.
  • Is your best work accomplished when you are alone, without distractions? Then you probably don’t thrive on the energy of a brainstorming session.
  • Has the the inner world of impressions and hunches been a guiding force within you? Then those you work with may demand documented proof before you take action.

Even though the above may illustrate your personal strengths and weaknesses, reality is that both sides are strengths…yours and someone else’s.  Which ones yours are can be identified in career coaching sessions, then you can be trained in specific strategies to…

  • Focus on and develop these personal abilities
  • Understand the opposite side, and
  • Manage relationships with those that differ from you.

So…why don’t you take the plunge. Have confidence to show your inner strength of character. Find a career coach and let your path to success begin today!

I’d love to hear from you. Leave your comments below.

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