From Abstract to Reality: Step One – WONDER


From Abstract to Reality: The Four Steps In Between

From Abstract to Reality: Step One – WONDER. It is where your Career Search Should Begin. Wonder is a Big Picture, Abstract Concept that is the Birthplace of our Dreams. History gives us some Key Examples on how this impacted the careers of others


From Abstract to Reality: Step One – WONDER Transcript

From Abstraact to Reality: Step One – Wonder. It is where your Career Search Should Begin. Wonder is a Big Picture, Abstract Concept that is the Birthplace of our Dreams. History gives us some Key Examples on how this impacted the careers of others.

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Hello! Murray Comber here with another career chat.

Our current series is about..

From Abstract to Reality: The Four Steps In Between.

We’ve already introduced it in the last video. Today,

Step Number One is about WONDER

Wonder isn’t an extremely used word. Children certainly don’t say it, but they live it…because wonder is their world.

Because of that, adults tend to not use it, only when needed…Maybe! And due to that ‘seemingly juvenile thought process’, adults tend to put it on the backburner. But if so, and when it comes to your career, your losing out.

How? Well let’s look and learn. First of all…

#1. Wonder is an Emotion

I found that somewhat surprising.

An 18th century Scottish philosopher by the name of Adam Smith…he defined it as an emotion. Let me simplify his Old English statement.

Wonder arises when you see or experience something new. There is no mental reference point therefore, it is incredibly unique…very intriguing. This captivates us. This creates a physical and emotional response you can’t let go of, or as Smith said, “A suspension of breath or a swelling of the heart”.

We must use the response by exploring what is uniquely and incredibly wonderful within the World of Work. That which intrigues and captivates is far beyond which would be ‘Our Norm’.

Don’t be limited by the ‘What Is’, when you can allow wonder to create the ‘What Could Be’s. Now…

#2. Wonder Should Bring Out Your Inner Child

  • Not Childish. That’s a maturity but,
  • We’re talking about Childlike, which is an, Unassuming Belief That Something Can Be Real.Walt Disney did it with his movies, and Disneyland and Disney World. You know…

‘When You Wish Upon a Star, How You WONDER’, or…

Sir James Barry’s theatrical presentations which you know of as Peter Pan or Finding Neverland or Tinker Bell. These appeal to OUR…

  • Inner child…
  • World of wonder
  • World of dreams and

Some may not be too real, but a lot of them are more than real.

It certainly worked for them. The third is…

#3. Wonder Draws No Conclusions

It is a source. But it can put you on the ‘Path of Pursuit’ which may have a Conclusion or an Endpoint.

  • Disney for example with all his works…it launched an entirely new era of 1928 and after…Cinematography.
  • Out of Sir James Barrie’s world of Peter Pan, emerged something brand new in 1908 theater that was appealing then, and quite frankly still is now.

You see wonder was their world, not someone else’s. The doubt of others didn’t stop their pursuit. Similarly, and point number four…

#4. Wonder is Your World, Not Someone Else’s

Therefore, you have no need to explain it.

It creates your path to pursue.

People may question but you won’t stop because for you it is incredibly believable. So how does this translate into your career? Well…

Two Examples

An 18th century one would be,

Thomas Edison, whose high school teacher said

‘He was too stupid to learn anything’.

What an insult. But he wondered…

  • What it would be like for electricity to be used to light houses and streets instead of gas. And after 3000 failures, in 1878, he invented the incandescent light bulb. It changed his world…and ours.

In the 20th century, nowadays…

Elon Musk, Who wondered

  • If things could be purchased on the Internet online? So, he created He ended up selling it to eBay, and that’s now called PayPal
  • If environmentally friendly, battery powered cars could be on our roads. And with all his new innovative technology, created the vehicle, Tesla, and…
  • He also wondered if ordinary people could go into outer space. And he’s currently working on that in the Space X program.

You see these are people…changing the world. Perhaps that big is reserved for a few. But…

Wonder and Your World of Work

That’s about changing Your…

  • Work
  • World and
  • Your life

All for the better

Have You Done Any Wondering in Your Life?

Well comment below. I’d love to hear about it.

In the meantime, in our next video, we’re moving from Step One, WONDER to Step Two, YOUR DREAMS.

I want to see you there.

To get all of these videos and the ones that I’ve created before, on the End Screen will tell you how to access them.

‘Till then,

Keep wondering,

Have a great day!

Bye for now

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