From Abstract to Reality: The Four Steps In Between


From Abstract to Reality: The Four Steps In Between

From Abstract to Reality: The Four Steps In Between is the Introductory video pointing you to four distinct steps that move you from the awareness that a change could happen in your World of Work to the reality of that change happening. Are you ready to change your career. Do you know where to begin? You start by discovering the abstract, the Idea and move that Idea towards Reality, your new career. Between those two ther are four steps. This video introduces you to them.


From Abstract to Reality: Four Steps In Between Transcript

Are you ready to change your career. Do you know where to begin? You start by discovering the abstract, the Idea and move that Idea towards Reality, your new career. Between those two ther are four steps. This video introduces you to them.

From Abstract to Reality: The Four Steps In Between

Well Hello! Murray Comber here with another career chat.

Today we’re beginning another ‘Career Thought’ series which I’ve called,

From Abstract to Reality: The Four Steps In Between

Now this is a series where you’re going to begin to ‘Embrace the World of Possibility’, something that is needed for every career changer.

Let’s understand the book ends first. Abstract is one bookend and Reality is the other. Then we’ll look at the four steps.


It comes from a root word in Latin meaning ‘pulled away or detached’ from something that is concrete. The idea is something has been separated from the physical reality. That in fact may have already happened to you because if you really don’t like your job your mind has been wandering elsewhere into something else. And if that’s the case, you’ve already begun the move from abstract to reality.


Is another word and it’s summed up in the first four letters… Real…R – E – A – L…Reality. It’s a world or state of things as they actually exist as opposed to the idealistic or the notional idea of something. It is concrete as opposed to something just in the mind.
Now in this introductory video between abstract and reality, I’m going to layout the four steps for you. And that’s where we’re going to be going for the next several videos. One video for each one.

This mini-series has to be thought of like a funnel. A Funnel goes like this. The top two, the number one and two on the top part of the funnel are the abstract. It moves to #3 on the bottom part. That’s going to be the real part of it; The Reality section.

So, let’s start with the top of the funnel shall we. The very top of the funnel is big picture. It’s called…


  • Big picture
  • Demands no commitment
  • Exploratory in nature meaning they can go wherever and whenever and however you want and
  • It really there’s no parameters on it
  • Anything flies

It’s simply, and it can be, a mental escape from your current picture that you’re in, your current reality. Just to get away. Just a little holiday from the difficulties and you may Wonder. If you’ve done that, you’ve already begun the process.

But Wonder is where #2 born and #2 is also abstract and it’s called…


Still big picture, but I call them Targeted Wonders.

With wonder you’re looking at the big picture. With dreams you’re beginning to cherry pick things that you could dream about doing. And if that’s the case, you could have several dreams at this stage. And you’ll begin to play with those and begin to work them through What…

  • Is possible
  • May not possible
  • Is a reality
  • Isn’t a reality

And then that is where you will launch into #3 which moves into the reality area on the bottom of the funnel…


You leave the abstract behind and now you’re tracking towards reality. It’s a mental reality at this point. It’s not there yet but Ypu Can

  • See it
  • Feel it
  • Sense it

There’s something deep inside that’s pulling you there. It is a mental framework of where you want to go. It shapes an endpoint for you and once you’ve defined an endpoint, that becomes the springboard for number 4 which is…


Now mission bridges between your vision and getting to your new reality. Your Mission is…

  • Personal. It’s yours. You own it
  • Actionable. It’s yours. You do it

And when you are on your mission, you are on the move towards something that is an ‘Identifiable Destination’.

So, let’s work backwards.

  • If you’re on a Mission, that flows from Vision
  • Vision is launched in Dreams and
  • Dreams are birthed in Wonder

Do you see how it all fits together?

So, I encourage you to begin to…

  • Wonder
  • Dream out of the Wonder
  • Have a Vision out of your Dream and then
  • Get on your Mission to track you to your Reality

But you may need help with that

And if so, I’m available. Perhaps we can work together. You can look at my Website. You can look at my YouTube page.

If you want to keep up with all of these videos with the ones we’re doing now forward, and the ones that I’ve done in the past, I’d love to see you there. How to get there is on the end screen of this video.

In the meantime, next video is going to focus on one of the four. It is going to be focusing on Wonder. Let’s dig deeper into that.

So, we’ll see in a few days.

You have a great day and,

Thank you for letting me share with you today.

See you soon.

Bye for now.


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