Rethinking Your Career


Rethinking Your Career? 

In this video we will briefly review Questions #1 & #2 then deal with Question #3, Are you rethinking about your career completely, and considering a Career Restart. We will look at two KEYS you must deal with to give you a beginning point. The first is exploring your career Whys. The second is exploring your Interests



Question #3 Script: Are You Rethinking Your Career?


Well hello again! Murray Comber with you. Another career chat.

This is the fourth of five videos where we’ve been dealing with some questions.

  1. What do you like about your career and would like to keep and develop?
  2. What do you not like about your career and would like to offload, get rid of, remove?

Those two questions are about realigning what you’re doing now. How can I make my job better? But what if those questions just don’t work for you? Then it’s not a realignment you’re thinking, it’s a re-evaluation which leads you to the third question.

#3 – Are you rethinking your Career completely? Are you in for a total restart?

Is that part of your thought process?

Let me ask first of all, when it comes to the job you’re working at now the job itself,
‘Is there a future in it? In other words, does it have a future in doing it?
And if it does can you last as long as it?

If you say no, then you have an issue.

Second question is,

What if your career does not have, that job does not have a future, it’s got an ending point, it’s going to become obsolete?

You’ve got the same problem. You still need to look for something different.
• So, what are you going to do next?
• When are you going to make the decision to do it? and here’s the most important question,
• Do you even know where to begin?
Let me give you a couple of things a couple of keys, okay.

The first one we’ve addressed to some degree but I’m going to go deeper into it.

Key #1 – You need to explore your WHYs.

I’m addicted to the whys of you in career satisfaction…
• You need to know why you like what you like
• You need to know why you don’t like what you don’t like. And,
You have to ask why up to 7 times to get rid of the superficial answers and get right to the core.
And once you get to the core that’s when you can really begin exploring your future career.

The second key

Key #2 – is exploring your Interests.

Your interests are your starting point because it is the number one determiner of career satisfaction.
The Problem with interests is that they’re limited to what you’ve been exposed to.
When you started your careers several, whatever number of years ago, you were younger. Less of the world you were exposed to. And the less you’re exposed to, the less interest you are made aware of. But as time progressed that you grew up in you matured and more of life was exposed to, your interests began to say…

  • Oh I didn’t notice that one
  • I didn’t notice that one
  • Oh, this could be interesting,

and you may begin a midlife crisis on career shift. It is totally normal for you to say, Oh I wish I’d have known that younger but take the guts and do it now.

Now let’s wrap this up.

I want you to picture interests as a sphere. And inside that sphere of interests you are going to interject your world of what you like, your energizers and a lot of attention on that. You’re going to also put in there the things that you do not like, your energy drainers, not as much as the energizes, but you need to think about them through.

Once you take the capsule of interests with energizers and energy drainers, the likes and the don’t likes, you have a starting point. You are at the beginning of your right path and following that path could lead you somewhere in your career.

But, you’re probably going to need some help with that and if that’s the case feel free to reach out to me on this social media.

In the next video we’re going to wrap up this series with some encouraging words. It’ll be in a couple of days.

But if you’re seeing this for the first time, or have only seen one or two of the other videos, in the end screen I’m going to show you where you can get right to the beginning of the playlist where you can see all of these short videos to help you through your career issues.

So there’s my chat for you today.

Hope to see you in the next video and,

You have a wonderful day bye for now!


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