From Abstract to Reality: Step Four – MISSION

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From Abstract to Reality: Step Four- MISSION

From Abstract to Reality: Step 4 – Career Mission. It is first described, then put in context of the first 3 Steps followed by a look at 3 Words that explain the Nature of Career Mission.

From Abstract to Reality: Step Two- DREAMS Transcript

From Abstract to Reality: Step 4 – Career Mission. It is first described, then put in context of the first 3 Steps followed by a look at 3 Words that explain the Nature of Career Mission.

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Well Hello! Murray Comber here again with another career chat Today, From Abstract to Reality: The Four Steps in Between.

We’re talking about Step #4 which is Mission.
Now Have you ever heard anyone say something like this…

“Now there is a man on a mission or,
There is a woman on a mission”

What Do They Mean?

It means its about a person who is fiercely determined to get what they want. It Implies…

  • Actionable
  • Movement

It is no longer in that person’s head space. It is clearly visible and obvious to them and they’re pursuing it. That’s what Step 4: Mission is all about.

Let’s Position That For You

In the context of the overall steps shall we. Let’s review the abstract to reality process

Abstract is the state of nothingness regarding your career. There is no…

  • Direction
  • Idea
  • You don’t even know what you’re going to do.
  • And if you’re in that place then you need to begin to wonder because…

Wonder Illuminates

Its like going out and seeing bright stars in the night Sky. Its for your career parallel on that searching for things in the massive area of careers that begin to shine like stars.

“What can I do? What can I do?”

And things will pop up and you will bring attention to them.  And when you do that, those things become dreams and

Dreams Anticipate

With several possibilities in mind that you have clearly identified, you narrow them down and you prioritize them. Hopefully you’ve got more than one, but you have two or three you can choose from. And once you are there you move from…

Dream to Mission

The difference is that Vision is a Dream with a Plan. You have created a plan of action in order to pursue it and get you there.

Once you have your dream and a plan connected to it that’s where mission steps in. Mission Activates so,

  • Wonder Illuminates
  • Dreams Anticipate
  • Vision Motivates
  • Mission Activates

With a plan in place, you take action and begin to make the vision happen. Then you end up with your reality, this state of arrival at your new career, a new direction and a fresh start.

So, With This Word Mission, What Is The Nature Of It?

Well the first thing we’ve already talked about a fair amount.

Mission is Active

Where vision is the dream with the plan, mission is activating the vision’s plan. You’ve got steps to follow. There’s stages that you can go through.

And that leads to the second aspect of understanding Mission’s nature…

Mission is Measurable

With the plan’s components naturally being steps and stages, you can measure how many of them you’ve accomplished and how much is left to go. And you know really where you’re on the continuum between the beginning and the end of that career transition journey; where you’re at. Now the third part of this is really important…

Mission is Changeable

During the process of your journey you may discover tweaks that bring more clarity to your original vision. And it sends you down a slightly different path that is even better than original.

I have that happen quite often, especially when a person heads off to College or University. When they get there, their eyes are open to similar things in the field that are more appropriate and more targeted than the original direction that got them into that place in the first place. So, they’re in the right arena, they’re just changing sections. And that’s fine. You can do that.

However, a little bit more serious than that, you may also discover going down that path that you’re following, that it just isn’t living up to the original vision that you had thought. The thing that you had dreamed about. Though you’ve started the steps and are going down, there’s just something that isn’t resonating. And if that’s the case, you may have to restart the journey with your second or third vision alternative. What that means is that you’ve got to go back to your dream and choose your second or third dream then put up a plan of action to that and begin the mission all over again.

I know that sounds like it’s a little bit troubling but, the better idea is to get you into the careers that you want not just any career but the one that is specific to you. And if that’s the case then a restart is better than pursuing and ending up where you don’t want to be. Once you’ve completed all your steps, you’re there your mission is complete, and you will either have launched your career, or you’ll be in preparation for it. But…

That’s the overall process from going from Abstract to your New Reality.

  • Are you there?
  • Have you been there?
  • Are you waffling in that journey?


Well I Can Probably Help You With That

Connect with me here in this media or any other site you may find me. We can chat, have a talk see if we can work together.

If you want to review or repeat and see any of the other videos in this series the “From Abstract to Reality” series, your access point to that will be on the end screen of this video in just a few seconds.

The Next Video

We’re going to wrap it up with a final video on this Abstract to Reality series by giving you a high fly over giving you a visual look of exactly what is going to be going on and we’ll wrap this series up.

So, we’ll see you then.

You have a great day.

Bye for now.

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