6 Reasons Why Your World of Work Will Change


Six Reasons Why Your World of Work Will Change After Covid

There are six reasons why your World of Work will change after Covid 19 Isolation is over with. Four are tied in with the Workplace itslef. One with the Clients and last but not least, YOU will change. This last one is the one I spend a fair amount of time on. What is being presented here is what I have been reading online about a couple of major themes that are being talked about on the internet.

6 Reasons Why Your World of Work Will Change After Covid

This video, 6 Reasons Why Your World of Work Will Change After Covid was impired by my Isolation time on the Internet look in places like LinkedIn and other Business Reviews. Honestly, I had come to these conclusions myself so when I was reading them, they only added fuel to my fire to get online and record and write up my thoughts.

Video #5 Script

Well hello! Murray Comber here with another career chat. This is the 5th of five videos on career questions.

When I started this series I used to words… Take and Make.

  • Take the time to deal with your career if you are in isolation
  • Make the time if you’re not in isolation to deal with them.

Why would I ask you to do that? Well as I’ve been looking on LinkedIn and other Internet sources, I have seen two themes pop up:

  • Your world of work will not be the same when you go back. It will be different. More about that in the moment people.
  • People is the second thing because they have been using this unsettled time to reconsider matters pertaining to their career. You know what? Things that have been buried for years, maybe decades, are beginning to surface and pull out and look at them. So, when it comes to working people, Let’s just dig a little deeper on those two things shall we.

Best Case Scenario is that when you return to work it’ll be normal or close to it but, probably not.

And I’ve come up with six reasons why any combination of which will change things there.

  1. Your company will change
  2. The way your company does business will change
  3. Your workplace, the actual job you do will change and,
  4. The management team, your leadership – there will be a shuffling and a changing there. Those four things will probably happen or could happen because of:
  • publicly owned companies
  • privately owned companies and
  • entrepreneurs

that all want to get out of the red and quickly get into the black to recover from this isolation time.

However, there is one more, very critical part…

5. It’s your Clients. Yes, clients are going to change. They’re going to become more demanding and that’s going to put even more pressure on the world of work. But the last piece is really the one I want to talk to you about is this. It’s that…

6. YOU were going to change. Deep inside you, now that you thought about things and reflected that that you are going to be looking inside and saying, What can I do?
With those six things, any combination that means your world of work is going to be different whether it be

  • Your work
  • Your client or
  • You.

Now for your own sake I want to encourage you to do two things I want you to reflect and I want you to re-evaluate.

  • When you reflect you are using thought processes and logic to make sense of your world of work
  • When you re-evaluate, you are using your values and your emotions to determine how you feel about your world of work

You need to do those things and if you do, it could be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Twenty-Three and a half years ago I went through that without an isolation virus. I just made the time and you know what? It is the best thing that I ever did.

Yours may take you back to your work. It may move you forward but you will appreciate that either way.

Now the five-video series that you have been looking is just only a starting point. You do not just move forward aimlessly because if you do that, you will lose.

So, you need a next step and that next step is a short eBook that I have written that is called

So, You Hate Your Job and Want to Shift Now: 6 Things to be Aware of Before You do Anything’

It sponsored by…

  • Life Concepts, my company that does ‘one on one’, ‘face to face’ work; as well as
  • CareerFitForYou.com that is the video-based career training.

How do you get it?

You go to the homepage of CareerFitForYou.com, click on the link that’s obvious there. It will be delivered to your inbox.

The URL for that I’m going to put on the end screen of this video but also…

If you want to see the all five videos also tell you where you can go to the very beginning of the playlist where you can see this 15 – 18 minutes series.

So, watch for more career videos – I’d love to teach you!

You have a wonderful day!

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