What is Peak Performance Coaching?

When you were a small child, did you ever have one of those educational “games” which had square, rectangular, triangular, oval or circular shapes made of wooden or plastic? The objective was to put them into the matching shape cut into a larger flat piece. Well, the day you put all the right pieces into the correct shapes was the day you were introduced to the world of “Peak Performance”. From that point forward, you recognized what you were doing. It was just a matter of increasing the speed of getting the task accomplished.

Peak Performance then is knowing what pieces or aspects of your person belong in the right spots, then increasing the proficiency. Further to this, it is knowing what aspects are not a fit, then doing one of two things. First would be to delegate that skills or ability to someone who is so gifted and proficient in that area. If however that piece could not be delegated, the second would be to learn from someone who does it well so you can adequately fill your role.

Peak Performance “Coaching” is objectively exploring and identifying what those pieces within you are. Some of you will know this intuitively…”I know I can do that well and it comes easy to me. Why do others struggle with it?” Others will be identified by the feedback of your peer group or team…”Would you please do this, you’re a natural at it. The rest of us agree that this is your strength.”

The other way of identifying your pieces is by using assessments that objectively measure several areas. A few of these are:

  1. Behaviours
  2. Abilities & Skills
  3. Personal, Life and Work Values
  4. Core Needs and Personal Anchors
  5. Functions that gather information
  6. Functions that make decisions
  7. Learning Styles
  8. Interaction Styles

When the assessment results are in, you and the coach have something concrete to “talk about”. It is out of this dialogue that the pieces become evident and the patterns emerge. The pieces are put together like a puzzle and out of this comes a clear picture of you…your preferred skills, tasks, roles…your work environment…where you fit on the team. This Peak Performance picture is valid and functional when identified and accepted.

Using this picture you can align your current employment to become the new, improved and more productive you.  Then you can work on your proficiency and speed. So ask yourself:

  • Does my job fit my competencies?
  • Is there latitude in my current position where I can increase my performance and productivity?
  • Can I clearly identify my areas of comfort and discomfort?

If “Yes” then Peak Performance Coaching may be for you. If “No”, perhaps Career Coaching should be your priority so you can find employment with a better fit in order to maximize your potential.

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