"Did you ever want to achieve your goals, faster and without aggravation, to improve relations and to better understand people? Did you need to better communicate with clients, staff, or managers? While in negotiations, did you feel you didn’t grasp your opponent thinking? To answer all these needs, here comes a useful tool called 'Personality Dimensions' taught by Mr. Comber. After attending this workshop, you will be in the position, not only to adjust your own perspective, but to propose solutions which will be easily acceptable by the other party.

Mr. Comber’s workshop is designed to provide you with the strategies, tools, and tips to understand your own Pattern of Human Dynamic as well as others’ around you, to become more effective during decision time. The workshop is sprinkled with practical hands-on activity-based learning exercises on Human Dynamics, by promoting the “Profile Behavioural Colours” tool.

During this workshop, you will learn about the four Patterns of Human Dynamic which define personalities, How Introversion and Extroversion impact those patterns and ways to apply this knowledge to your strategies, in order to strengthen your leadership for individual success, as well as for that of your organization.

The workshop will help you adapt your communication skills to individuals within your team, to achieve goals and reduce (or eliminate) conflict management, simply by assessing the personalities of the people you deal with, and then adapting your strategies to their ‘colours’.

By The End of the Workshop You Will Be Able To:

  • Describe and understand the four 'Patterns of Human Dynamic'

  • Identify strategies to communicate more effectively, with greater confidence in various work and life situations

  • Build rapport more quickly with others while avoiding unnecessary relationship stresses and frustrations

  • Assert yourself, persuade, overcome objections, resolve conflict and negotiate

  • Actively listen to others to exhibit respect and to ensure understanding

  • Use the 'Personality Colours' tools to understand your own human action style and develop strategies for communicating with other 'Personality Colours'

I highly recommend the course."

Andrei Klappholz ~ Ottawa, Ontario
Health Canada
"Let me introduce myself, my name is Larry Wilson and I am a Correctional Supervisor at Kingston Penitentiary. I have been employed with the Correctional Service of Canada for the past 32 years.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet Murray Comber and take part in a Life Concepts Seminar.

This seminar was set up as a marriage enrichment weekend, and even though that was the main focus it was impossible for me not to draw comparisons that carry over to my duties as a Supervisor at Kingston Penitentiary.

The different exercises and workshops were both informative and challenging and delivered in a relaxed and upbeat manner. The information taught and understanding I learned has been helpful in comprehending my own strengths and limitations and appreciating personality traits of colleges and subordinates that until taking this seminar I was unaware of.

Murray has delivered this course thousands of times and knows his material completely, he makes the seminar interesting and is able to adapt Life Concepts to whatever the group or agency needs.

Department Heads, Managers and Supervisor could benefit from this Life Concepts training, as the main focus is understanding and bringing out the very best individual traits while strengthening and enabling that person to achieve his or her full potential.

I highly recommend that you, your department etc. consider exploring what Life Concepts can offer your work place and employees in reaching their full potential."

Larry Wilson ~ Kingston, Ontario
Kingston Penitentiary
"I have been exposed to many personality profiles in the past. This was the best integration of this material that I have seen (and done in one day). Murray has an interesting, well-paced presentation combined with good humour."

Workshop Attendee ~ Ottawa, Ontario
"About nine years ago Murray Comber brought Life Concepts into my world in a Corporate setting that I was leading. The results were amazing to say the least with a definite change adopted in everyone's communication with each other.

We began to understand each other better.

It was so good that we brought Murray back three more times!

In the past two years I launched my own small business of Misty Hollow Carving. I am amazed at how many times I have been able to apply the principles of Life Concepts to my new business. I definitely have a personal advantage as I can understand my customers and the way that I should approach/interact with them better."

Murray Lincoln
Misty Hollow Carving