"I recently had the pleasure of meeting Murray Comber and attending one of his Life Concepts workshops with my wife. Not only did we find it insightful about our relationship with each other, but I also found it useful in my interaction with both employees and clients. Murray does an excellent job of helping you understand the four patterns of people and what it means to you as an individual. This in turn helps you become a better person.

Having experienced the impact of this training event and realizing its benefits for our organization, we are in process of bringing Murray in to train the entire staff."

Robin Postma ~ Ottawa, Ontario
Ottawa Valley Insurance
"Our organization wanted to provide our staff with an opportunity for self-improvement and education that did not specifically relate to our insurance industry. It was an investment in our 'people'; Life Concepts was just the ticket.

We are working with people every day and often under stressful conditions. The daylong seminar helped everyone to understand the various complexities of each of our personalities. It now seems we all have more patience with co-workers and understand why they behave in such strange ways. The seminar truly helped us to understand “what makes us tick and what makes us ticked”. It has helped us to achieve good office morale and the staff really appreciated the investment. Some have even mentioned their family dynamics are clearer. It was an added bonus that the seminar qualified for our industry mandatory education credits. Our management team has taken further steps with Life Concepts to help with our long-term planning and organizational structure.

I would strongly recommend Life Concepts and Murray Comber to any organization in any industry."

Gord Crothers ~ Kingston, Ontario
President, The Insurance Centre
"Having worked with Murray on Career Assessment during transition, it was important for me to focus on what makes me successful and what pitfalls I must watch out for. Mr. Comber counseled me on my character traits, employment experiences and how was I going to put the two together for my next opportunity. He did this with a strong professional conviction and with his extensive experience of understanding people; his ability to apply the appropriate administrative tools and his ability to challenge me as to “Who I am” allowed me to focus on what I must do to achieve my goals.

Working with Murray will be one of the most important steps in developing your career, feeling more confident about who you are and most importantly, allowing you to see your future with clarity.

As a result of this experience, I am in the process of bringing Murray into my current company and run a full program on Communication for our Senior Management and Management Team."

Dean Powell C.R.S.P., Human Resources Professional ~ Shelbourne, Ontario

"The training in Personality Dimensions, facilitated by Murray Comber, delivered in an engaging manner that helped bring the material to life. Murray has an upbeat style that infuses fun into theory and passion into his participants. This training is a must for those who work with groups who can clash or excel based on their understanding of others.

Thank you Murray for a great session."

Tammy Jinkerson ~ Lindsay, Ontario
Fleming College- Frost Campus