avatar"Working with Murray has been an eye-opening experience, both personally and professionally. After our first session I walked away with a thorough grasp on who I am, how I communicate, and how best to communicate with others of varying styles. It's greatly improved my understanding of myself and my colleagues.

Murray's consummate professionalism, his expert knowledge, and his years of experience gave me the confidence to really delve into the personal discovery process. I look forward to continuing my work with Murray, and have recommended his services to many in my field."

Bryna Jones ~ Belleville, Ontario
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"It seemed all of the plans I was making for our extended management team workshop were falling apart a mere two weeks before my workshop. Reserved facilities were not suitable; participants were beginning to resent the full day workshop as deadlines loomed; and my contracted facilitator needed to withdraw due to personal issues. Yikes! Enter Murray Comber. Murray not only came in at the last minute, but he delivered one of the most interactive sessions we have had in quite some time. Through the Personality Dimensions model, Murray helped me design a half day session that enabled each participant better understand him or herself and better appreciate others in the group. Murray connected with us almost instantly creating an environment of trust which resulted in open and honest dialogue, and a whole lot of laughter. My Director General was so pleased with the workshop, she is keen on having Murray back for a 'part two'."

Anna BĂ©langer ~ Ottawa, Ontario
Natural Resources Canada ~ Senior Advisor to the CIO
"Murray Comber has presented workshops to both government and not-for-profit institutions that I am a part of and each time his work produced positive, tangible results: my colleagues came know each other better, and to appreciate their own personality and how it affects how they act and communicate with fellow colleagues. The dynamic that Murray's seminars create becomes a real point of reference for office communication and future teamwork. I cannot recommend Murray highly enough."

Dr. Don Buckingham ~ Ottawa, Ontario
Chairperson, Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal
"Murray's Personality Dimensions Workshop did wonders to help me understand how I'm wired, and I can now better relate to my family, friends, and co-workers, as well as myself! I also have a better understanding of what my strengths and weaknesses are, and how to work with them.

In my opinion, everyone should attend this workshop! You'll learn things you never consciously realized about yourself, and will be better equipped to deal with life - both at home, with friends, and on the job!

Murray is a great facilitator, and he infuses the workshop with energy as well as his sense of humour and wit. I can't wait to attend another Life Concepts Workshop!"

Ursula Comeau ~ Arnprior, Ontario
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