Social Services

The workshop explained below has been done in many Social Service and Not for Profit Organizations. The Simcoe County Children’s Aid Society in Barrie has been a major client, but not the only one. I have been there 8 times. The workshop below has been done there at a variety of management & staff levels 7 of the 8 times. Another large client is a division of the Pinecrest Queensway Community Health Center in Ottawa where I have been 5 times with more on the calendar. I have also trained several service organizations in the Belleville area. References are available upon request.

Three Important Quotes

  • Self Knowledge is not only knowing who you are…but also who you are not.
  • This is the Practical Stuff that I can use every day as I deal with people. It is one of two courses I’ve taken where the rubber hits the road.
  • A Personality Dimension workshop participant summed it up this way… “I learned what made me Tick, and I learned what made me Ticked”.


The first half of a full day workshop in called the Awareness Session. It is highly interactive, fun and at the end of it you will have a clear understanding of the four Patterns of Human Dynamics. These are the tools you use in everyday life situations both at work and at home.

The second half I call the Tweaking and Application Session. The Tweaking time is less interactive and takes the Temperament Theory to new levels as we factor in Age & Stage Development as well as the Introversion & Extroversion components. The Application time focuses on a powerful visual which highlights the framework of any vision This in turn when applied has the potential to synchronize the Vision of an Organization with its Staff.

The Outcomes

  • The Understanding of Yourself and Others
  • Building Unity in the context of Diversity
  • Understanding Patterns of Communication
  • Strengthening Team
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Client Awareness