A Full Professional Development Day (7 – 7.5 hours)

The most requested training event is the full day Personality Dimension workshop This includes a highly interactive morning Awareness session as well as afternoon targeted Application session (eg. Leadership, Team Building, Shared Vision, Sales & Marketing). The afternoon session tweaks the morning learning and targets the mutually determined workshop outcomes. Regardless of the objective, intrinsic to the event is:

  • Understanding Yourself & Others
  • Creating unity in diversity
  • Learning a language of communication
  • Visual representation of the four elements of a team

It also explores areas like Introversion & Extroversion, Age & Stage Development, how each person uses the four patterns and the abstract and concrete aspects of all teams. This is probably the most in depth temperament workshop you will experience, providing the tools to assist in your people skills for years to come.

A Half Professional Development Day (3.5 – 4 hours)

This morning or afternoon presentation is a full Personality Dimensions Awareness Session with both the intrinsic learning as well as an introduction into some type of application. There is enough in this workshop to more than whet the appetite, as it is practical enough to be useful. It lacks much of the deeper exploration of Personality Theory found in the full day session. Upon conclusion, there is usually a call to complete the full day session at the earliest possible date. It is often used to either start or be a break in a multi day planning session where time is needed to complete the planning days agenda.

Partial Day Sessions (1.5 – 2 hour)

When the agenda for planning day(s) is tight, yet a break from format is required, this session fits the bill. It is not a full Personality Dimensions Awareness Session but rather an introduction into personality theory. It provides an opportunity to gain insight into a quadrant study, add humour and some focused interactivity that leaves you with food for thought. It would be similar to an extended ‘Lunch & Learn’. It is also an opportunity to determine if the full workshop is something that would benefit the group.

References are available upon request.