Train the Trainer

I Do Personality Dimensions Level 2 Train the Trainer events

This means I facilitate Personality Dimensions Train the Trainer events so participants can become Level 1 qualified enabling  them to do internal Human Resources training or be an external consultant.

If you are unfamiliar to Personality Dimensions, it is a Level B Temperament based Assessment used in many environments.

Here are a few:

  • Train The TrainerLeadership
  • Team Building
  • Career Exploration
  • Learning Styles
  • Marriage & Family
  • Sales & Marketing

When used along with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), or the Majors PTE (Personality Type Elements), the training becomes an even more powerful tool. I am qualified in both of these assessments as well.

If you would like information about Personality Dimensions, please look at the Personality Dimensions Website.

Once trained you will be able to train in your own workshops within your organization and have access to all Personality Dimensions material.

There are two possible training paths:

  1. For those well trained in using other temperament and type assessments, half day & one day bridging programs are available.
  2. For those with little or no experience in the above, the complete three day program is necessary.

Do you need more information? Click on this link for More Information on becoming a Personality Dimensions Level 1 Trainer for the 3 day Train the Trainer opportunity. Contact me directly about the bridging program. using the email address below.

Occasionally I book a training event in Ottawa, but my preferred approach is for you to host a local event in your community.

Here is what that looks like:

  • A host company should have several possible participants
  • I come to your your own town or city
  • You provide the space and the refreshments
  • You invite other organizations within your network to attend the training
  • Together we determine a rate per person training fee specifically for your staff
  • A rate is determined for outside participants.

This has been done successfully in many communities.  I will come to you anywhere so long as there are enough participants to justify the costs. References are available

If you would like to further discuss these opportunities with me, please read the page on this site mentioned above then email me at

 Creative Commons License photo credit: oniitamo