Executive Coaching: The Extension of Peak Performance

The best executives are not the ones that do it all, but the ones who make sure it all gets done.

In order to do this, you may have an understanding of all the components but will not be personally wired to do them all. If you are a great administrator, you are probably not a great marketer. If you are skilled at research & development and are a corporate visionary, you are probably not as adept at human resources and personal mission. But, in order to succeed, you need to grasp the frameworks of all four.  There is a strong probability that you arrived at being an Executive because the Peak Performance principles of where you function best have been well executed, but what do you need to do to keep you there?

In my post on Peak Performance I stated this:

The pieces are put together like a puzzle and out of this comes a clear picture of you…your preferred skills, tasks, roles…your work environment…where you fit on the team. This Peak Performance picture is valid and functional when identified and accepted.

As you read this statement, you quickly realize that the energy of the process is centered on you, as you embrace self knowledge and cognitively align yourself with the identified truths. Executive Coaching is the same in concept but flips that energy outward. Instead of helping you to apply the learned principles inward towards self, it helps you with the flow of that energy away from you at three levels:

  1. Towards other people individually; each person that makes up the team

    Do you have a clear picture of where others fit on the team, and can you identify and draw peak performance out of them?

  2. Towards other people corporately; the team itself as a unit

    Do you have a clear  picture of what the team needs in order for it to maximize it’s potential, and do you know which individuals  (#1) to put in place to make sure that happens?

  3. Toward the business itself and its employees, which you and your team are leading

    Do you and your team (as a group) have a clear picture of where your organization is positioned, and where it is going, and either directly or indirectly have adequate knowledge of your employee base to make sure the best ones are positioned to move the organization forward?

Peak Performance coaching helps you to maximize your own personal potential based on where you fit and best perform as you inwardly strive for excellence. Executive coaching assists you,  making sure the energy of that same principle extends from you flowing outward to every level of your organization. This ensures you are striving for the same degree of excellence with your team and all those you work with.

If you are performing at your peak, the obvious questions are:

  • Is your team?
  • Are your managers?
  • Are your employees?

If “Yes”…great……If “No”….what are you going to do about it?

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