Retirement Coaching

If you Google Retirement Planning, almost all of the results will be forĀ  “Retirement Financial Planning”. As important as money is, retirement is much more than cashflow. How many times have you heard a story bout a person who passed away within two years of leaving the stability and consistency of their day to day work.

During this Coaching, or if we gather enough people, a Workshop Session, we can begin to explore a variety of ways to live out a healthy retirement lifestyle. Checking out your options by looking into various ways to maintain personal meaning and purpose will not only reward you, but benefit others close toy you.

Retirement planning is particularly important when you consider your key relationships. Having a lot more time to spend with someone whom you typically would not have spent many daytime hours with can be a major adjustment, and open dialogue can help you manage your future both apart and as a couple.

The approach of exploring your retirement options would be similar to looking at a shift in Career. You can take control over your retirement years.