Career Coaching

The Career path has three basic groups.

  1. A student trying to determine your future career path
  2. One who is unemployed for whatever reason
  3. One who is employed but looking for a career shift

The core program is the same for all three but the going in and coming out of the core differ according to the specific career need.

Like all my approaches to career coaching area, they are assessment based and very objective. The assessments are designed to overlap with one another in order to attain the most accurate read and give lots of material for dialogue, which is the most important part of any career exploration.

Go to the Assessment tab on the menu bar or click here to see samples of the assessments that will be used. The main ones will be taken from this list:

  1. Myers Briggs Type Indicator OR Majors Personality Type Elements
  2. Strong’s Interest Inventory with Skills Confidence OR Majors Occupational Exploration Method
  3. Personality Dimensions
  4. There are also a number of other offline tools that provide valuable information.