Everybody Needs Career Coaching Somewhere

Everybody Needs Career Coaching SomewhereWhen you read career coaching success stories it usually points to one of two things…... Read More -->

A Story: A Career Gone Wrong

Career Issues... Read More -->

Executive Coaching: The Extension of Peak Performance

The best executives are not the ones that do it all, but the ones who make sure it all gets done.... Read More -->

What is Peak Performance Coaching?

When you were a small child, did you ever have one of those educational “games” which had square, rectangular, triangular, oval or circular shapes made of wooden or plastic? The objective was to put them into the matching shape cut into a larger flat piece. Well, the day you put all the right pieces into the correct shapes was the day you were introduced to the world of “Peak Performance”. From that point forward, you recognized what you were doing. It was just a matter of increasing the speed of getting the task accomplished.... Read More -->

Are People Skills Training Workshops A Good Investment?

People Skills: A debate for some when it comes to loosing the purse strings.

I don’t mind spending money but I really dislike wasting it. So here’s the issue!... Read More -->

Getting Help With Your Career Issues

Career CrisisSo you need help with matters pertaining to your career?

I remember…as if it was yesterday…the day I had my first visit with this career specialist who was to assist me in one of the most important decisions of my life.  I wasn’t completely leaving my former field of work, but I was very aware it needed to be adjusted implementing a fresh approach. Back in the fall of 1999, I knew who I had been, but really didn’t know who I would become, where I would end up or how I would get there. I was both afraid and excited at the same time.  So…... Read More -->