Life Concepts focuses on two areas: Leadership and Coaching.

Leadership & Team Training
The Leadership & Training section is all about building your organization from the inside out. The inability to Understand Yourself and Others can lead to over 70% of the issues within your organization which potentially could lead to its failure and would definitely be affecting productivity as well as Return on Investment. Strengthen and Build your Human Resources and you will proportionately build your organization.

The Coaching section looks at five areas.

1. Career
Career Coaching has three major areas of focus:

  • A student trying to determine your future career path
  • One with personal employability issues
  • Looking for a career shift

Uniting your interests, behaviours and functions to bring you joy in your job, both now and during your future career path…succession planning either within your organization or with your own personal next steps.

2. Peak Performance
Staying on top of your game at any given moment in your career as you bring out the best in yourself.

3. Executive
Keeping your organization at the top of its game as you bring out the best in others, especially your Senior & Extended Management.

4. Life
Managing the rest of your life when your career is viewed against the backdrop of everything else…you key relationships, especially family, your hobbies and down time, spirituality, etc in order to create a Life Balance

5. Retirement
Planning for an exciting life beyond when you leave the official “World of Work” behind.

My approach in all of the above areas is Assessment based, not that assessments will tell you what to do, but they will create a starting point for dialogue, and out of discussion the journey takes shape.

Read about and see samples in the assessment section, AND look for interesting blogs in line with your specific need.

Look around, and enjoy!

  • Check out each area
  • Look at Assessment Samples
  • Read some interesting Blog Posts specific to your need
  • Make a comment or feel free to ask any questions!

Thank you and Have a Great Day!